London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone Consultation

This week we heard from Tfl (Transport for London) about their proposed Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ).

Charging Tesla Model SPollution is becoming more of an issue for the transport industry and we should definitely all be doing what we can to ensure our contribution to London’s CO2 emissions are as minimal as possible.

Tfl have launched a public consultation for the ULEZ. Apparently, last year 4,300 deaths could be attributed to illnesses directly related to London’s air quality. Clearly things need to change and in a survey carried out earlier this year (2104), responses indicated that Taxi’s and Private Hire vehicles should be included in the new proposed measures to improve the situation.

If the new ULEZ goes ahead, all vehicles driving within the zone will need to meet specific CO2 emission requirements to avoid paying an additional fee.

The new ULEZ proposals include:

  • All new Taxis and PHV’s must be zero emission capable by 2018
  • A 10 year age limit for non zero emission capable taxis from 2020
  • A 15 year age limit on zero emission capable taxis

The ULEZ will operate in the same area covered by the Congestion Charging Zone (CCZ) and will be in place 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

Additional Fees For London Drivers

If your vehicle does not meet the new stringent CO2 requirements, cars and vans could be looking at a daily fee of £12.50 and larger vehicles like Lorries and Coaches would be shelling out £100 per day. It would make sense for the ULEZ to utilise the existing network of cameras in London that currently monitors the traffic in and out of the CCZ.

As reducing the CO2 emissions of PCO licensed vehicles has been a priority for Chauffeur Rentals, we already have Bluetec, Hybrid and Fully Electric vehicles making up the majority of our self drive fleet.

We are all set for the new stricter emission requirements – Are you ?

You can find out more about the ULEZ and the current proposals by visiting the Tfl website page for ultra low emission zone.